Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Midweek Randoms

~  The hubby started a new job yesterday.  I pray that it works out better than the last one.  Will you please pray with me?!

~ Erik's birthday is this weekend.  Saturday to be exact.  I can't believe I'll have an 8 year old!

~ The last couple of months have sucked.  We have been struggling financially, mentally, emotionally - basically in every way possible.  Add birthday's and anniversary's and I've seriously thought about throwing in the towel.

~ Kaitlyn & Sienna are absolutely loving school and daycare.  I look at them and can't believe I have two little girls in school.  Kinda bittersweet considering I'll never do this stage again.

~ I finally went back on medicine for anxiety/depression.  Life was becoming way too much and I just couldn't deal without medicine anymore.  Say what you will, but meds can be lifesavers.  Literally.

~ I would love for all my nieces and nephews, along with my girls, to get together for family pictures.  I have the perfect spot in mind and also a family friend willing to let us borrow his John Deere tractor.  I just smile thinking about how perfect those pictures would be as gifts.  Now to get everyone on board for that...

~ I desperately want to be able to fit into clothes that have been in my closet for a while.  Too bad I don't do diets or exercise.  Wonder if wishful thinking would take the extra weight off?!

~ My sister in law started her graduate school work this past weekend.  She is a student at Belmont University.  I am so proud of her determination and will to make herself better.  (although I'm really hoping that once she gets this masters degree under her belt she can convince my brother that it's time for kids!!)

~ I've almost convinced myself to let my hair grow back out... We'll see if that actually happens when I get to that awkward stage though.


April Clamp said...

Ha! I've already got a plan in place! ;) Well maybe not so much of a plan but more like....a time line! lol

April Clamp said...

Oh!!! And I would definitely LOVE LOVE LOVE to have those pcitures!!!

Mrs. Howard said...

Oh prayers, friend!!! And happy almost birthday to Erik. I think it's a wonderful idea to release balloons and sky lanterns!! =) We've released balloons before, but never the lanterns. I'm thinking of you!