Friday, August 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Annie!!

Today is my first little girls 10th birthday!!  She and I have been through A LOT together and I realized that the saying about a dog being a person's best friend was definitely true when I rescued her from the pound!

She was an itty bitty 2 pound baby when I brought her home...

I thought she may stay a lap dog, but I quickly realized that she was outgrowing my lap...

She fell in love when I introduced her to the swimming pool, but to this day, still HATES getting a bath - go figure!
Taking a dip in their water tub!

Clean water or dirty water - she doesn't care as long as it's water!

Her favorite things - a ball in the mouth and running through the water!

She's starting to show her age, but when she's up to it, she will chase a ball for-ever, as long as she has someone to throw it for her.  And don't worry, if she can't find her ball, she isn't afraid to go pull a tree limb down or a boulder and beg for it to be thrown!  She'll fetch bricks, limbs, balls, toys - anything really.  She just loves to fetch!

Annie is pretty much completely deaf.  It breaks my heart because she use to greet everyone that pulled up to our house.  Now, she just hangs out wherever until we get her attention by walking up on her.

I know that dog's don't live forever and I know that Annie is considered "old" for a dog, but the day she goes to Heaven will be pretty rough.  I can't even imagine not having Annie by my side!!

My 3 Girls!

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Ashley said...

She is such a beautiful dog!