Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Erik's Rodeo REMINDER!!


Shirts (short sleeve, long sleeve and hoodies), decals (car stickers) and bracelets (adult and kid sizes) are available for purchase.  If you're interested in buying anything or have any questions, please email me at eriksrodeo@yahoo.com.  All orders must be paid in advance.  Payments can be made via paypal once you submit your order to me.

I'll be collecting orders for a month, so you have until August 15th to get your order in!

Front of back of green shirt with yellow writing (the pic of the back is the actual color of the shirt - the pic of the front makes the shirt appear a bit darker than it is)

Front and back of orange shirt with purple writing

Front and back of purple shirt with orange writing

Yellow shirt with green writing
Cowboy - black outline
Tractor - green outline
Cowboy - woodgrain outline

Tractor - woodgrain outline
Green/yellow bracelet; orange/purple bracelet

Purple/orange bracelet

1 comment:

Ashley said...

I have to tell you that I LOVE wearing my shirt. I always get at least one person every time I wear ask about Erik and I love being able to share him with others and tell them about him and his amazing mommy.

Thinking of you ((hugs))