Saturday, November 19, 2011

I'm Thankful for... Day 19

November 19, 2011

Today, I am thankful for this little girl -
Miss Dellah Maeve Johnson.

She is the newest addition for Lindsay and Daniel.  
She was born on 11/16/11 and weighed 7.10 lbs and is 21 inches long.

Lindsay wasn't due until Thanksgiving Day, but because of her past history of BIG babies, Miss Dellah was measuring between 3 - 5 weeks ahead, depending on the day.  Lindsay was back and forth with her doctors about a day for induction and when November 15 was brought up, Lindsay said "absolutely not".  It was later said November 18 and then finally scheduled for November 16.  Lindsay was kind enough to consider me when the birth of her only daughter was all she should've been thinking about.  I am so grateful for Lindsay and Daniel, who not only helped me tremendously when Erik died, but also created this sweet little girl who was born during one of the roughest times of my life.  She will be the breathe of fresh air that I need in November and I can not wait to spoil her rotten!!! I just hope her Mommy and Daddy are prepared!!!!

Welcome to the world Miss Dellah Maeve!!!!

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Kelly L Boots said...

What a beautiful baby! So precious!