Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween, 2011

Mother of the year over here didn't charge the camera batteries so I have very few actual camera pictures from Halloween.  I did manage to get some really cute ones with my phone when we visited with my grandparents last night.  Enjoy!

BTW - I'll hopefully remember to post the few I have on my camera once I charge the batteries.

Pop and Ariel (Sienna)

Pop and Snow White (Kaitlyn)

Pop and the little pumpkin (my niece, Alyssa)

Nanny and Kaitlyn

Nanny and Sienna (with Alyssa trying to steal some peanuts from Sienna lol)

Nanny and her little pumpkin

Speaking of my Nanny - bless her sweet heart.  She is tiny (as you can tell) and fell back in the beginning of September and broke her arm - you can kinda tell how she's sitting a bit "off".  Please keep her in your prayers as she is very stubborn and not use to sitting down and doing nothing!!  According to her doctors, she's recovering beautifully, but we're all still worried about her.  I love my Nanny!!!

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