Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sometimes and Always

Linking up with Megan again for Sometimes and Always ~ It seems that my S & A are always dealing with Erik...

Sometimes... I look around and wonder what my life would be like if November 15, 2009 would've been just another ordinary Sunday.

Always...  It breaks me heart to even think about it.

Sometimes... I want to pay one of those people that can do age progression photos just so I could see what Erik would look like

Always... never go through with it because it's pretty expensive.  And because I like seeing Erik's perfectly handsome 5 year old face all the time.

Sometimes... I compare Kaitlyn & Sienna to Erik too much.

Always... I'm brought back to the reality that they aren't him and are never going to be him.

Sometimes... the thought of having another baby crosses my mind.

Always... I remember how much I hated being pregnant and how much I love to sleep.

Sometimes... I debate going back to being a SAHM.

Always... I know that can't happen right now considering Kyle is unemployed. :(

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