Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday, the 13th

When I was younger, I remember always looking forward to Friday, the 13th.  I loved all the hype that came along with the day and the fact that one of the scariest movies I had ever seen had that day as it's title, made it a pretty cool and fun day for me.  I've never been one to be superstitious, but with the excitement of it all, you couldn't help but wonder what a black cat walking out in front of you would really do.  LOL

Fast forward to Friday, the 13th of November, 2009.  It was a pretty normal day.  I had classes all day and then I had made plans to stay overnight with my Mom at the hospital.  She was having neck surgery that morning and would need someone to stay the night.  Kyle and I were separated at the time and it was his weekend with the kids.  So it worked out perfectly.

Nothing out of the ordinary happened while I was at the hospital.  I got to take Mom home the next morning and we pretty much slept the afternoon away.  You guys know how resting at a hospital just doesn't happen.

Kyle brought the kids over to see Mom that evening (the 14th).  They stayed for a little while, but weekends with Kyle were some of Erik's favorite times, so he was anxious to leave and get back to his Daddy's house.  I hated to see my babies go, but I was looking forward to going to bed early and sleeping late!  It wasn't long after the kids left that Erik was calling me and asking me to bring him some shorts - heaven forbid he sleep in just his underwear!!  I obliged because I knew it meant I would see my babies right before bed.  I got to Kyle's house and the girls were already asleep :(  Erik was awake and eagerly waiting on his shorts - silly kid!  I noticed that he had been crying and when I asked him why, he simply said "I'm just sad."  Talk about ripping my heart straight out of my chest!!!

I told him that he would be home tomorrow and that he needed to stay with Kyle so he could get in the bed and be ready to play the next day.  He stopped crying and I kissed him goodnight.

The next day, Sunday, November 15.  My life changed forever.

I will never be able to enjoy Friday, the 13th like I use too.  Now, that day means that the 15th is going to fall on a Sunday.  I don't do Sunday's well.  I don't do the 15th of any month well.  When the two happen to be on the same day, I literally want to stay in bed all day and pretend like I'm not in the world.

Today is Friday, the 13th.

God help me.


Amy (Nevaeh's Mommy) said...

Prayers and hugs sent your way...

Amy said...

Thinking and praying for you this weekend.

brigette said...

So sorry mama.. Dates are hard. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers on Monday!

Ashley said...

So sorry, we definitely be thinking about you this Sunday :( ((hugs))