Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Still Standing Online Magazine

I was recently contacted by Fran from Small Bird Studios about writing a post that could possibly be published in her upcoming online magazine named Still Standing.

I was over the moon!!!!!  Those of us in this group of baby/child loss blogs know that Fran is a pretty big deal! You can imagine my excitement when I got the email from her regarding a guest post.

I wracked my brain for almost a week.  I wrote.  I edited.  I erased.  I proofread.  I wrote some more.  Finally on Thursday of last week (04.05.12), I clicked send and sent my post off to Fran.  I won't know until later if my article will be posted or not, but I hope that it will.  The more people I can share Erik with, the better!

I'll be sure to update you guys when I know more.  Until then, head over and like Still Standing on Facebook.


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