Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Signs - a poem

My dear friend, Sharon, had someone send her this poem.  She then sent it to me.  I've never read this one before and it is simply put, perfect.

Thank you Sharon for making me smile (and cry)!


As I sit in Heaven
and watch you everyday
I try and let you know with signs,
I never went away.

I hear you when you’re laughing,
and I watch you as you sleep,
I even place my arms around you,
to calm you as you weep.

I see you wish the days away,
begging to have me home,
So I try and send you signs,
so you know you’re not alone.

Don’t feel guilty that you have life,
Life that was denied to me,
Heaven is truly beautiful,
just you wait and see!

So live your life, laugh again,
enjoy yourself, be free
Then I’ll know with every breath you take,
you’ll be taking one for me.



Ashley said...

I'm going to steal this poem. Perfect. Sad...but perfect.

April said...

Your story is heartbreaking. I am reading and reading...and reading more. I am going to share your poem on my blog if it's okay-I love it. Thank you for sharing my button ♥ Much love, April