Saturday, April 28, 2012


If you've ever been in the car with me, you know that my radio pretty much stays on 100.5 - our local country station.  I'm not a channel surfer and will usually sing along to every song that comes on this station, whether I like it or not.

Anyway - I'm sure that most radio stations give their listeners tons of chances to win various things.  WSSL (100.5) is no different.  Every morning around 7:30 a.m., they are giving away something - concert tickets, gift cards, gas, etc.  Because I listen all the time (including at work), I have their phone number programmed into my phone, just in case I feel the need to try my luck and win something.

My winning streak started last year.  I won tickets to have a meet and greet with Brantley Gilbert.  The radio station provided a light lunch and then we had an acoustic concert with BG and about 10 other people.  It was really cool.

Up close and personal with BG 
Kyle and I with BG

My next big win was the week before July 4th.  WSSL was giving away tickets to go see Zac Brown Band in Charlotte.  I tried my luck and I won again! :)
We had lawn seats, so I didn't get any pictures of ZBB
The next concert we went to, I didn't win tickets, but instead stood in line to get a free pair - and when I don't have to pay, I consider that a WIN!  It was to see Brantley Gilbert (again), Thompson Square, Hunter Hayes and Eli Young Band in a concert that was for the kids of St. Jude.
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Since then, my luck has pretty much ran out.  I try all.the.time to win tickets - my girls will even ask me if I'm trying to win tickets if I use my phone on the way to work in the mornings, lol.  I tried so hard to win tickets to see Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney last week, that I think I dialed the contest number over 25 times in a row until I gave up.

Fast forward to this morning - the DJ's gave the cue to call about 2 minutes after we got in the car to head to school/work.  I pulled my phone out and started dialing.  On the 2nd ring, I got through.  If you've never won anything on the radio, let me give you a head's up - they'll immediately ask you your name and basically start a conversation, so be prepared.  (If you lost, you barely have time to hear what number caller you were before you're getting hung up on).  Anyway, this morning, my luck returned and I won 2 tickets to see Ronnie Dunn, Rodney Atkins and Craig Morgan next Wednesday, April 25.  I am so excited because this is a concert that I really wanted to go do.  Rodney Atkins sings one of the songs that we played at Erik's funeral and Craig Morgan sings one of Erik's favorite songs.  Had I not won some tickets this week, I would've broken down and spent the money to go see them, but no need to spend that money now!! Woo hoo!!!

Now if only I could win tickets to see Zac Brown Band again in May and those darn Kenny & Tim tickets (they are TOO expensive to even think about buying!) I'd be one very excited and not-so-broke-because-we-love-some-live-music girl!!!

UPDATE - APRIL 25, 2012
As I was leaving work headed to the concert that I won tickets for on April 16, 2012, I heard WSSL give the cue to call.  I wasn't really interested in what they were giving away, but thought that it'd be funny if I won twice in a week.  I dialed the number.... busy.  I tried again.... busy.  Tried again... busy.  I tried one last time and it started ringing.  My heart started racing.  The DJ answered the phone and gave the "Hello, who is this".  I couldn't help but laugh!!! I was the correct caller and all I could say is "SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!"  The DJ thought I was getting ready to cuss and said on the radio "Woah, thought I was gonna have to bleep you out!"  LOL  So, next Thursday and just in time for the girls birthday, we'll be headed to the Anderson County Fair!!!! I won a family 4 pack of tickets to see Easton Corbon and 4 unlimited ride wristbands.  The girls are soooo excited!!!


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Dawn said...

Hi-found your blog through another on Kelly's Korner! I love WSSL too and trying to win contests! :) The only thing I have won from them is $100 gas gift card a few years ago! :) I tried so hard to win the Carrie Underwood one recently with no luck! :)