Thursday, August 18, 2011


"If you lost your keys, you'd be upset.
Your car, you'd be stranded.
Your job, you'd be frightened.
Your home, you'd be heartbroken.
All of these can be remedied.
The loss of a child is forever."

I saw this quote on FB today and I absolutely LOVE it.  There are times I'd love to shove these words down someone's throat when they complain about nothing, but I just sit back like always and bite my tongue.

But for those people.... DO NOT COMPLAIN TO ME ABOUT STUFF YOU'VE LOST!!!! Everything you've lost is replaceable!!!  Erik is NOT!!!!



Love it, I have no patience for those that complain about stupid or silly things...I want to tell them that I would trade them!!

Kelly L Boots said...

It is so easy to complain about things that in the end really do not even matter. Very nice quote, thanks for sharing it.