Monday, May 21, 2012

Jake Update

Just wanted to give a little update on Jake-man.

Since last Tuesday, the 15th, I've been at the hospital every. single. day.  To say I was tired of that hour drive one way would be the understatement of the year.  I decided to take a break from visiting today and I've regretted it since I got home.  I feel like crap because I didn't go see Jake today.  Kelley has been texting me with updates, but there's something about actually seeing his face that makes me feel better - even when he feels like crap.

As all of y'all are aware, Jake was diagnosed Friday with T-cell leukemia or Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.  He received his first round of chemo the same day via spinal tap.  He has responded so well to chemo and his doctors are amazed at how well he is doing.  By Saturday afternoon, he was asking to get out of his bed and play on the floor with all of the toys that he'd been getting.  He played for a good hour and was worn out.

We've started recognizing when Jake is tired and/or in pain because he'll start being mean to anybody that looks his way.  Saturday night, Jake had reached his point of pain and exhaustion and he was done with having company.  Because I took the girls with me to the hospital, I decided that it was time to go and let Jake rest.  Before we left, he had to use the potty, so we all stepped outside.  As we were walking back in, Kelley told me that Jake said he wanted everyone to leave BUT me and the girls.  Talk about a dagger to the heart!!  I went over to his bed and told him that we were leaving and I promised him I would be back the next day by myself and would stay as long as he wanted me too.  He said that was good.

Sunday after church, I headed back up to the hospital.  I got there around 3 p.m. and wasn't leaving til almost 9 p.m.  Unfortunately, the chemo had made Jake nauseous and he was taking so much medicine to prevent him from getting sick that it just made him sleep.  He wasn't awake more than 30 minutes the whole time I was there.  Of course, it didn't make a difference to me because I just like being there with him.

The latest text I got from my sister said that Jake had more of his chemo meds today and was pretty out of it again.  I just feel so bad for Jake.  Poor little guy doesn't understand why all of this is happening and I know he can't comprehend what his immediate future looks like.  I know he's pissed off because he won't be able to go to the Catfish Feastival this weekend and that in itself breaks my heart.  He, along with every other child in Ware Shoals, looks forward to this weekend in May all year long.  {I'm sure you guys are wondering what in the world the Catfish Feastival is - imagine a fair in a small town - lots of junk food, lots of money wasted, lots of "carnies" and lots of Catfish}  The girls made Jake a video yesterday before I left for the hospital and as I was showing it to Jake, it got to the part of the girls talking about the Catfish Feastival and Jake just pushed my phone out of the way.  I know it's heartbreaking for him to know he won't be able to go.  We're just praying that he'll feel up to still going to the beach in the middle of June.  He'll have another bone marrow biopsy a day or two before we're supposed to leave, so the trip is literally up in the air right now.

Please continue praying for Jake, Kelley and Shanon.  Jake has a long, long road ahead of him and as he's proven over the last couple of days, it's going to be a hard road too!

If you are interested in donating anything for Jake's benefit, please contact me at



Tesha said...

Poor little guy that just breaks my heart. PRAYING!!!!

brigette said...

Praying, praying, praying!!! Im so sorry to hear this sad news! Your whole family is in my thoughts!! hugs mama

Kim said...

Oh my gosh I am so sorry about your nephew. Thinking of you and your family and hoping with all my might that he starts feeling better.

April said...

I am totally speechless and I'm sorry seems so ridiculous - but I am - truly sorry. I prayed for strength and courage for your sister, her family and most of all Jake. It seems impossible to make sense of something so unfair.

April said...
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Hannah Rose said...

Oh, sweet boy! Jake is my favorite boy name. Praying for him!!

Found you from Tesha's.

I'd love to have you follow along on my blog as well.

Much love and hugs,
Hannah Rose

Ashley said...

I am still so very sorry for your families devastating news regarding Jake :( I will definitely looking into donating. Thinking of you ((hugs))