Sunday, May 6, 2012

Birthday Party Re-Cap

Before I get into the birthday party, I just wanted to update on the girls stats from their doctors appointment on Friday!  Kaitlyn weighed in at 39.2 pounds and is 3.7 feet tall.  Sienna weighed in at 36 pounds and is 3.9 feet tall!  I'm still on the fence about Sienna being taller than Kaitlyn and I really need to re-measure them, but for now, Sienna gets to bask in the glory of being taller for once.

Sienna getting her BP checked :)
Now on to the birthday party....

I survived, first of all! Woo hoo, couldn't be more glad that the May Flower party is finally OVER!!!!  I wore myself real thin with this party, but would do it all over again to celebrate my girls!  They had a great time and all the kids enjoyed painting their little flower pots and picking out their flowers.  The girls racked up on gifts and our living room floor was covered in new toys yesterday afternoon.  Thankfully, my girls do good with helping me clean up and we managed to get everything put away. :)

The decorations that I have been pouring my heart and soul into since February!
Sucker bouquet, balloon wreath, birthday banner, tissue paper flowers, felt flowers and goodie bags

Felt flower centerpieces

Sucker bouquet - thank you Pinterest!

May Flower printable and tissue paper flowers

The birthday girls!  Their shirts were made by L.A. Crafts & Designs
My cake maker did it again!!!! I let her have free reign of the cake and this is what she came up with!  Thank you Diane!!

All the kids painting their flower pots.  It was quite a mess and I didn't quite think it through very well, but the kids enjoyed it.  That's all that matters anyway.  Messes can always be cleaned up!

Miss Priss had to stop ever so often to wipe the paint off - she can't stand to be dirty!
Time for cake!

So excited to finally be opening presents!

Lovin' their chairs from Uncle Kent & Kayla!! 

She finally got the racetrack she's been wanting since Christmas!  Thanks Aunt Jenny!

As you can see, my girls are blessed beyond words!!! They had a great party and this Mama couldn't be more excited about it finally being over!!!



Tiffany said...

Looks like the girls had a great time! And super cute decorations!!

Tesha said...

Oh WOW it look Beautiful! You did a wonderful job. I know your girls had a great time. What a sweet mommy you are:)

Valerie said...

Hi! Thanks for finding me on Kelly's Korner.

Your family is so beautiful!!! Happy belated birthday to Kaitlyn and Sienna.

Cindy said...

Ashley, thanks for coming over to my blog. Looks like your twincesses had a wonderful birthday.

I hope we can plan a Upstate meet up, I think it would be so much fun. I will let you know if anything starts to come together.

Your Erik has definitely touched my heart. I can't imagine what you have gone through with is loss. What a great way to remember him with this blog.

Can't wait to read more about your family!

Princess Stephy said...

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your twins are soooo adorable, and my sympathies towards your little handsome. Also, congrats on the award lol. Your decorations for the party were quite awesome btw! =]

Princess Stephy said...

P.S. I'm over here jamming to your music lol. Just kinda hovering on your page just listening lol

a day in the life... said...

you did such a great job with the birthday party! i'm loving your blog!!

Kelly L Boots said...

I love those Cakes! Looks like a fun day! My daughter Avalynn will be 4 on June 1st and she is right about the same size as your girls.

Ashley said...

The decorations are AMAZING!! You are so creative :)

Love the pictures, the birthday party looks like so much fun. A great idea that I might steal from ya :)