Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Catfish Feastival Re-Cap

In my tiny small hometown, we have the Catfish Feastival every Memorial Day weekend.  I think this year was the 31st year.  Amazing considering how small our town is.  Just as the name implies, there is plenty of catfish to be eaten, as well as tons of other types of food - including funnel cakes, ice cream, candy apples and other typical "fair" food.  My favorite of course being the homemade strawberry shortcake.  I look forward to that vendor pulling onto the square every year.  There are rides for kids of all ages and entertainment each night as well.

We took the girls up town to ride the rides Thursday night before the crowd got to big and they had a great time.  They got lucky Friday and Saturday night and got to ride more rides then.  Thank goodness for Uncle Kent, Kayla and Morgan because otherwise, there would've been no rides!

Here's a look back through the years of me taking my babies to the Catfish Feastival....
2006 - Erik wasn't even 2 years old yet!

2007 - taking a break to eat a corn dog



2010 - finally able to enjoy the Catfish Feastival


There were a ton of people supporting Team Jake over the weekend and we have been blown away by the donations that have been given in honor of Jake.  Times like these are when living in a small town really isn't all that bad!

Please continue praying for Jake, Shanon, Kelley, Will & Alyssa.  #TeamJake all the way!!


Amanda - JES restaurant Equipment said...

I am not from Ware Shoals personally but the rest of my family is and at least one person I know attends every year. This is a blog I wrote for the restaurant equipment company I work for about the Feastival and hopefully it will help to bring even more people next year.


Ashley said...

OMGoodness Erik is ADORABLE!! I love little boys, they are just so stinkin' (sometimes literally!) cute!

Great pictures!