Thursday, January 19, 2012

Jason Aldean

It's no secret how much I love Jason Aldean.  You come to my blog and hear one of his best songs (if your sound is up) and I talk about how much Erik loved him all the time too.

Tomorrow night, Kyle and I will head to our 3rd Jason Aldean concert in 2 years.  We've made a promise to ourselves that we would be at all of his shows around us until we weren't able to go anymore.

I emailed the radio station that was giving away tickets to the show and told them about Erik and his love for JA.  I wanted nothing more than them to let Jason know that his biggest fan is at all of his shows.  Beth Bradley, the DJ, at the radio replied to me yesterday and said that she would be sure that Jason got my email and she would let him know about his biggest fan.

I would've loved to be able to tell Jason about his biggest fan, but since I can't, it makes me happy knowing that he at least will know about my boy.

I can't wait for this concert tomorrow!  Even though we just seen him in September, he puts on THE best show I've ever been too and it doesn't hurt that Luke Bryan is with him this time!!!!

Lots of fun will be had and I'll be singing Big Green Tractor at the top of my lungs like I ALWAYS do!!

I hope each of you have a great weekend!


Ashley said...

How cool! I hope that he says something at his concert regarding Erik! Have fun :)

Uneventfully Wonderful said...

How was the concert!?

Ashley said...

The concert was great!! As they always are. I cried like a baby as soon as Jason stepped on stage. I cried even harder when he started singing Big Green Tractor. And even through all the crying, this concert was hands down, the best.concert.ever!!!!