Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Have I mentioned how much I love following blogs?  I think I'm a tad bit addicted!!!  Anyway, I was reading blogs way back before Christmas and came across a post from Natasha on Small Bird Studios Blog.  She was telling the baby loss community how she honors her sweet son around Christmas time - she does these awesome candle holders!  The minute I seen them, I knew that I would be doing them for Christmas gifts this year.  My crafty buddy, Sharon, joined me.  We had a ball making these for people (although, we hated the first go round and ended up completely re-doing them before it was said and done!)

Small candle holders with Erik's initials before slathering with mod podge...

Next step was rolling them in the epsom salt and then glazing them.

The finished product :)

Of course Erik's candle had to be orange!!!

This is the one I made for Erik's shelf.  It's bigger than the ones I handed out.  
I think it's PERFECT!

Thank you Natasha for inspiring me to honor Erik in this way!!!  Everyone loved their candle holder and it makes me smile to walk in the house and see Erik's lit up (flameless candle on a timer) inside his shelf.

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Tiffany said...

The votives look great!! I didn't know they had flameless candles on a timer! I need to find some!