Thursday, January 26, 2012

Confessions... Take 2

1) I'm slightly addicted to Dr. Pepper.

2) I wish I could wave a magic wand and be the weight and size I was before getting preggo with the girls.  The sad thing is, I know I could be that size again if I weren't so lazy when it came to working out. :/

3) My father supposedly has cancer and I have no desire to create a relationship with him again.  He burned that bridge a long time ago.

4) I wish that my girls' uncles were a bigger part of their life.  Neither of them know how much Kaitlyn & Sienna talk about them and it breaks my heart to see my girls "scared" of their own uncles because they don't see them near enough.

5) I secretly want another baby.  There are just too many cons to having another one right now though.

6) I'm bummed that I don't get to see my wonderful therapist this week.

7) I wish our church had a ladies basketball team.  I'm jealous that Kyle gets to play and I have to watch. :(

8) My dream job is to be a professional organizer.

9) I'd really like to pay someone to clean our house so that I could spend Friday's and Saturday's just being with my girls.

10) I'm still really upset about losing Whiskey.  I wasn't very nice to him right before he died because he had torn up something that belonged to Erik.  I will always regret popping his nose and butt over something that I was going to give away anyway.

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