Thursday, January 12, 2012

Grieving Parent Resolutions

Came across this on The Compassionate Friends Facebook page...

This year I resolve to: 

1. Not to put a time limit on my grief. Loving someone means loving them for my life time whether 

they are physically present or not. 

2. Tell their stories, the happy and the sad they will live on through me.

3. Teach others that they cannot “make” me cry, tears are only an external expression of how I am 

feeling all the time. 

4. Understand that crying or otherwise expressing my pain is healthy and normal. “Doing well” means 

expressing my feelings. 

5. Understand that others will not understand my pain and it isn’t fair to expect them to do anything but 


6. Recognize that asking for help from those that love us is a really a gift that we give to them.

7. Help others, reaching out to others in pain will help me to heal.

8. Do something nice for myself everyday.

9. Know that if today I can not do everything that needs to be done, tomorrow is another chance to get 

it done.

10. Cry when I need to, laugh when I can and to not feel guilty about either one.

11. Let go, bit by bit, of the guilt, regret and anger that can be so damaging. 

12. Take a risk and let others into my life and heart. 

13. Take care of my physical, emotional and spiritual health.

14. Reinvest in life a little bit each day… 

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Ashley said...

That's a great list! I am going have to steal some of those resolutions!!