Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Concert Re-cap

As most of you know, we had tickets to see Jason Aldean Friday night.  His show was hands down, the best concert I've EVER been too.  And I've been to a lot of concerts.  Luke Bryan opened for him and he didn't disappoint either.  He opened the show up with "Rain is a Good Thing" and from the time LB stepped on stage, I was on my feet.  I intended to stay that way until the lights at the Bilo Center came back on.  At some point during my standing, I obviously forgot that I was over 6 feet tall and that anybody shorter than that wouldn't be able to see over me.  We had nose bleed seats, so I thought I was safe until a rude gentleman tapped me on my shoulder and asked me to sit down so his daughter could see.  I unwillingly obliged.  I leaned over and told Kyle that they better enjoy the show now because I would NOT be sitting back down when Jason Aldean came out.  I sang my heart out and danced until it hurt to all of Luke Bryan's songs.  Not only can that boy sing, he is soooo very easy on the eyes.  I was fully prepared to divorce Kyle on the spot when he started dancing to "Country Girl Shake it For Me", then I remembered that Luke's wife is way hotter than me and he'd probably laugh at my proposal.  He's still hot and he can sing to me anytime that he'd like.  I definitely won't argue with him!!!

Mr. Aldean finally made his way onto the stage and everyone in the Bilo Center went crazy!!!  I think the only people sitting down were the people, who had obviously invested lots of time in Marlboro, sitting beside us.  A friend of mine on Facebook got lucky enough to snag the playlist of Jason's songs....

We won't even get in to how lucky she is!!
Anyway - I knew that he would sing Big Green Tractor.  It's his biggest hit.  I just didn't know when he'd sing it.  4 songs in and I heard the intro.  That's when I lost it.  I cried the entire song.  I mean I was boo-hooing and it was definitely an ugly cry.  My heart was breaking because Erik should be here.  My heart was breaking because the concert was almost 2 years to the day that Erik would've attended his first concert.  My heart was breaking because my son's biggest idle was singing HIS song.  I'm sure the people around me thought I was a complete nut-case, but I didn't care.  I cried and then cried some more.  The rest of the concert, I continued to tear up.  I couldn't help but wonder if Erik would be as enthralled by Jason Aldean as everyone else in that place was.  Jason never did mention Erik or anything along the lines of his story, so I was a little disappointed.  Regardless, I know as well as anyone that knows Erik that he (Erik) was and always will be Jason Aldean's biggest fan.

Me and Kyle before the concert started

Me and Julie during the concert

Me and Shannon

Luke and Jason singing right below us :)

After the concert was over, Kyle and I headed to the Blindhorse, which is a bar in Greenville where all the "country" folks go.  Rumor had it that Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean had been invited to stop by and neither of them had said they weren't coming.  There wasn't a parking space to be found at the Blindhorse and against my husband's advice, I parked in a "towing" zone.  I assumed (you know what they say about assuming!) that it meant towing would be enforced during business hours.  Er, wrong!!!! An hour later we were leaving the Blindhorse only to realize that we had no car to get back to our hotel. I was so pissed, but at the same time, I thought it was hilarious that this towing company was basically making bank on all the illegally parked patrons of this bar.  We hitched a ride with the brother-in-law's girlfriend and $75 later, we had the swagger wagon back.  Ugh!

Isn't it cute?!
We had to GPS our way back to the hotel because our car had been towed to the middle of nowhere in a part of Greenville that I had never been.  We finally made it back and crashed.  I slept like crap because I was terrified of oversleeping and missing the check-out time - weird, I know!!  I finally got into a good sleep around 7 a.m. only to wake up for the day around 10 a.m.  Kyle and I showered and headed out.  I couldn't go home until I went by Build-A-Bear and made my "Erik" penguin though.

The lady working the stuffing station probably thought I had lost it.  I could've told her my story, but I chose to keep it to myself.  I couldn't deal with the akwardness that would've came along with it.  I made my penguin, we got food and headed home to get our girls.  The rest of the weekend was spent being lazy and snuggling with my sweet girls.

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