Friday, September 2, 2011

I survived

We celebrated Erik yesterday and I survived. The anticipation was definitely worse than the day.

I spent some time at the cemetery after lunch and that was pretty rough, but after that good cry, the rest of the day was peaceful.

Our family gathered at Erik's grave at dark and we released 7 sky lanterns. We all found it amazing that all 7 of the lanterns, plus 14 balloons floated in the same direction without even the slightest breeze.

Coincidence? I think not!!!

Anyway, I was blown away by all the sweet texts and Facebook messages that I got yesterday. It truly warmed my heart to know that my sweet brown eyed boy touched so many people in such a short time.


Tiffany said...

Happy Belated Birthday Erik! I'm sure Ellie helped you celebrate yesterday!
Ashley, I love that you released lanterns for him, we are thinking of doing that in Oct. for Ellie. I bet it was beautiful. Thinking of you!

Rachel said...

Ashley, I have been thinking about you the last 2 weeks and I wrote you a note in my mind the other night... I just didn't make it to the computer! He is a beautiful boy still. Perhaps he and Makiah have met and celebrated together... The lanterns sound beautiful. I have not heard of those. Where did you get them? I caught up on reading your blogs last week and I am so sorry for all the hurting you are walking through. I know most couples don't survive the loss of a child. We are seeing a christian counselor (via skype actually) and it has really helped us. I thought since he was a man he would always side with my husband but I have been pleasantly surprised. Anyway, I think of you and your beautiful girls often. Glad to know you survived... Rachel

Ashley said...

Thanks girls. I hate that the both of you know this pain too.

Rachel - I'm sure that Erik and Makiah have met. He had an eye for beautiful girls! I found the sky lanterns on amazon. Everyone at the cemetery LOVED them and couldn't get over how awesome they turned out. I was pleasantly surprised myself. I plan to make that a tradition we use on his birthday each year.