Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Erik's Poem

A girl that Kyle and I went to school with had this poem written for us in honor of Erik on his birthday. I just had to share it because it's absolutely beautiful!

Mommy and Daddy please don’t be sad today,
When Jesus called me, I could not stay.
My life with you was full of happiness and joy,
I always knew I was your special little boy.

You loved me and took such good care of me,
You’re the best Mommy and Daddy that ever could be.
I pretended to be a cowboy with a holster and gun,
It made you so happy to see me have fun.

As wonderful as my life was, there with you,
My new life with Jesus is wonderful too!
The beauty in Heaven is a sight to see,
And Daddy, “the Angels walk with Papa and me”.

If you saw me now, you would feel peace and joy,
To see how the Father takes care of your little boy.
Mommy, I have need of nothing in my new home,
And on the streets of gold I play and roam.

God sees your tears and the sadness you feel,
Just trust in his plan and his perfect will.
Remember I love you and will see you and Dad,
You’ll remember no longer the sad times you’ve had.

God has a message he wanted me to give,
Have faith in Him and for Jesus live.
Ask Him for strength and he will be there,
And my eternal home with you I’ll share.

Love Erik
P.S. Tell my sissy’s I love them too!

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What a beautiful poem, made me cry :(