Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Take a ride with us!

Here are some videos I took of the girls last night with my phone.  Aren't they just the silliest little girls!!! 

**Be sure to mute the music player at the bottom first!

BTW - excuse the stripper act that they start pulling.  What can I say - they hate clothes just like their Mama!! :)

The first video was taken on the drive home Monday night.  The girls had no idea I was recording them.  And yes, this is what I listen to every day going home from work/school :)

(gotta love that country twang!!)

"the boy on the radio" - Kaitlyn (seriously?!)

Is it bad that she forgot to name her Mama and Daddy when I asked who she loved??


Kelly L Boots said...

They are so cute! I enjoyed the videos! They have the sweetest little voices!

Ashley said...

They are SOOOOO adorable and cute :)

April Clamp said...

We sure do love them little girls too! :)