Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Confessions..... Take 1

This post was inspired by my friend Jess who listed her confessions on her blog.  Pretty brave in my opinion!! Not many people are willing to put it ALL out there.

- it's December 14 and we still don't have a Christmas tree up.  I'm not the least bit upset by this and if it were up to me, we wouldn't have one.

- I love the look on my girls faces when we talk about Christmas.  I just wish that look was because they have been taught the real "reason for the season".

- I dread getting together with my family.  It's just another reminder that Erik is missing.

- I go talk to my therapist on Friday.  I'm getting nervous about it already.

- I spend way to much time on Facebook.

- I don't brush the girls teeth every day.

- I can't remember the last meal we cooked and ate at home.

- My memory is horrible.  I have to write EVERYTHING down or else I'll forget.

- I weigh more now than I did 2 weeks after having the girls.  Ugh.

- I've already started thinking about the girls 4th birthday party.  Their birthday is in May.

- There are mornings that I can't drop the girls off at daycare quick enough.  Part of me feels so guilty leaving them, but the other part is so very thankful I have a job and can get away from them.

to be continued.....

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April Clamp said...

My confession: I can't listen to Big Green Tractor :( I want to and I try but I never can make it to the end.