Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I'm contemplating cutting my hair off even shorter than it is now.  I feel like my hair has no style and it pretty much looks the same way every day.

Before I cut it off last year, I had a head full of curls.  Fast forward to today and my hair is straight as a stick.  I don't know if the flat iron just burned all the curls out of my hair or what, but there are no curls or even waves to be found.  Anyway, a couple of months back, I was in the mood to let my hair grow back out.  Then it started bothering me when it would sit right on my neck, so I had it cut short again.  Well, I'm tired of it this way and I want something completely different.

I found this pictures.... what do y'all think??

Here's me now:
It's flipped out here, but I usually have it flipped under.  My hair is VERY thick too.

Here are some styles I like:

(I don't want the long bang like she has)

And I really like this one, but I think my hubby would probably be pretty upset if I went this short:

Do y'all think I would look "right" with shorter hair?  Some people have suggested just getting highlights/lowlights, but I've never had my hair colored and I would prefer not starting now.  Besides, keeping the coloring up isn't really in my budget.


Ashley said...

I think you'd look great with shorter hair!

And I agree...once you start coloring you can't stop, and it sucks :) I wish I had never started!

Kelly L Boots said...

I really like the 3rd and 4th pictured. I always feel like my hair is so boring but I don't dare to go that short.

Wanda Gibert said...

I like the 3rd one. Maybe leave the sides & back a little longer. You can always go shorter but I can't put it back.....lol. Love this blog. See ya Friday.

caseyp said...

these are very attractive hair cuts.. I lOOOOOOvvvvvveeeeeee these on dark hair!!!! the stacked in back and longer in front is gorgeous and very spunky!!!! Go for it!!! ( coming from someone who has hair down to my bum!! !lol)

Shae said...

I really like Victoria Beckham's style even with the bang. I think it would look awesome on you. I say go for it! Tell Kyle that when you can decide his hair style, he can decide yours...lol.