Monday, December 19, 2011


So apparently when I start a blog on my phone with the intention of editing it on the computer, I completely forget that I drafted a blog.  Oops!!!  Anyway.  I drafted this blog last week - 12/14 to be exact, so when you read today, think Wednesday of last week!!!

My SIL and I teach GA'S at church on Wednesday nights. We have anywhere between 5 and 10 girls each week - ranging from 2nd grade to 5th grade.

I'm not scared to admit that we struggle coming up with a lesson each week. Today wasn't any different. Instead of putting something together that would most likely be ignored, April and I decided to just let the girls talk.

Let me just say that it's amazing what they'll say when they have someone to listen.

One of the girls, who happens to be the youngest in the class, has only been coming to class for about 3 weeks. She's probably the most well-mannered and polite out of the whole group as well.  I don't know what got us on the subject of people's ages and family, but we ended up there. Seeing as how we're in Ware Shoals, everybody pretty much knows each other.

Anyway, Kiera (the youngest girl), mentioned something about her Papa. I told her that her Papa was my Daddy's brother, which meant she was technically my cousin. I could tell that she was a bit confused. I went on to ask her if Jake (my nephew) was in her class at school - to which she replied "yes". When I told her that I was Jake's aunt, I could tell that her 7 year old brain was really confused. Lol.

When I realized that it still wasn't registering, I asked if she knew who I was. She shyly replied "no ma'am". I simply replied "I'm Erik's mama." She got a devastated look on her  face, but without skipping a beat, she said "aww, you must be so sad." My heart went into my throat.  We said a few more things about Erik, but I knew I wouldn't be able to hold the tears back much longer, so I changed the subject.

Adults tell me all the time how Erik has touched their life in some way. Almost 25 months later, I've only had 2 children reveal how special Erik really was. Kiera made my heart swell with pride tonight.
Kiera and Erik weren't in the same class during kindergarten and they had never even met before they started school in 2009. She knew him for a short couple of months, but 2 years later, he is still on her mind.

Tonight I am humbled knowing that I am the mother of that very special little boy who made a big impact on the youngest of people.  Tonight I am even more grateful that God chose me to be Erik's mama.


Hannah Banana said...

I love that! What a sweet comment from a little girl!!!!

Margaret Oxner said...

its amazing what the little ones think and say Karston only knew Eric thru tball and playing with him and Jake at recess at school, but as long as it has been I dont think he will ever forget, he still talks about Erik and asks to look at your facebook to see his pictures. I remeber when i first started reading your blogs I think it may have been the one leading to his death I know it talked about Erik wanting u and Kyle to get back together for christmas that year, I was crying like crazy and karston came up beside me and asked why I was cryn I told him and I read some of it to him, he looked at it so different than I did, he said mama even though he went to live with Jesus he still got what he wanted for Christmas....