Friday, December 23, 2011

Picture Update before Christmas

Warning - major picture overload!!!!  Figured I'd better get these out of the way because I know I'll take a ton on Christmas!  Enjoy!!!

Back in October, we went to Santa's Land in Cherokee, NC.  The girls visited with Santa and Kyle paid for their picture, which included this letter.  I completely forgot about it until it showed up the mail.  The girls were sooooo excited about it!

Skating at Sarah Vinson's birthday party

Ready for church - Sienna was mad because I made her put her bear down.

Christmas Parade 
(Jake, Sienna, Kaitlyn, Will)

Another church picture :)

Sienna mad at me again

Oh yeah - their boots were supposed to be Christmas gifts, but you see they didn't make it til Christmas. I knew I shouldn't have bought them with the girls around.  Oh well.

The local hospital does a Remembrance Ceremony every year for parents who have lost children.  They provide ornaments with the child's name and at the end of the service, we put our ornaments on their tree and light a candle.  
2011 Tree

Erik and Charlie's ornaments

The girls in front of the tree.  They asked for their own candle and I told them that if they had a candle they would have to say Erik's name when it was there turn.  I am so proud of them for wanting to do this and even saying his name out loud in front of about 25 people.  One thing's for sure - they love their brother like crazy!!!

Friday night, I had my office Christmas party.  I didn't get any pictures of the adults, but I got plenty of the kids that were there.  Ty and Harper weren't there.  Darren and Bryson weren't in to taking pictures with the kiddos.  

Talk about a great looking group of kids - these 5 are 3 and under!!! 
(Addison, Handley Reid, Kaitlyn, Beau & Sienna)

Beau was so sweet. He asked his Mama to switch seats with him so he could sit beside Sienna.

Kaitlyn eventually opened up and wanted to sit closer to Sienna and Beau.

My beautiful girls <3

We went to Ansley's 4th birthday party over the weekend and it was a huge hit!!! Her mommy planned a "Pampered Princess" party.  All the girls got their nails, hair and makeup done.  I know my girls had a great time!

Kaitlyn & Sienna getting their nails painted

Butterfly make - up :) 


Kaitlyn posing for Tara 

Sienna posing for Tara 

All the girls 

We were running late for church this past Sunday morning, so I didn't get to take my weekly picture, but I did manage to get them to pose for a Sunday evening picture before heading to the Christmas play.

After the program (Kaitlyn, Alyssa and Sienna) 

Me and sweet Alyssa

Erik's Christmas tree  

I can't believe we're a few days away from Christmas.  2011 has definitely flown by!!!  I can't wait to post an update about our Christmas.  The girls are at the perfect age and they are so excited about Santa coming!!!


Kelly L Boots said...

Enjoyed the photos! They are so cute! I love the pouty looks from Sienna! So cute how they held the candles and said Erik's name. I know a little about how they Love their brother. I Love my brother and sure do miss having him here even though I cannot remember him. Sometimes it seems like I do through the stories my mom told me about him. I hope you and your Family have a Nice Christmas and I will be thinking of you as I know that Christmas (and every day) will be hard for you.

Ashley said...

OMG your girls are just SO sweet and cute!!!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and hoping that these next few days are filled with laughter...even though I am sure on the inside your heart is hurting. XOXO ((Hugs))