Friday, March 2, 2012

February, a look back in Pictures

So, I just realized that I haven't downloaded any pictures off of my camera for February.  Oops!  Instead of doing several different posts, I'll just combine them into one since February is already over.  (Again, how did that happen?!)


This picture reminds of me Ellie Lauree <3

My attempt at a photoshoot.  This field is across from my house and it's the perfect location for pictures.  I had to test it out myself before I paid someone to take our pics here.

I love the look of this old house.  

Had to do a picture on the gate!

This is at my niece, Chandler's, 11th birthday party.

Being dressed alike was NOT planned!

Evie (in the pink) was born the day after the girls in the same room I delivered them in.
Funny how she's also a part of my distant family!

Happy Birthday Chandler!

The boys (minus another brown - eyed boy)

The littles think they are as big as the older girls!

Happy Valentine's Day!


New JD hoodies.  I love Sienna's face!

helping Kyle open his cards

The girls got to go bowling again.  This time I tagged along!

One of the girls captured  Kyle in action.

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These pictures are great!