Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I'm weird because....

- the radio in my car has to be on an even volume (unless it’s 5 or 15)

- I have more pens in my purse than most people do in their entire house

- I will write something over and over just because I don’t like the way my handwriting looks.

I'm a bad friend because....

- I text instead of call.

- I prefer being alone :(

- I'm bad at thinking of doing something really nice and then forgetting.

I'm a good friend because....

- I love my friends to death.

- I would do anything for any one of them.

I'm sad because....

- I’ve pushed my closest friends away.

- I feel like I don't do enough, when I could always do more.

- I miss Erik like crazy!

- I feel like I’ve let my girls down.

I'm happy because....

- I have 3 of the most awesome kids ever.

- I have a job that I like going to every day.

- there’s a vacation in our future, as in 7 days in a huge house at the beach!

- I’ve finally found something that I’m extremely passionate about…. Scrapbooking!

I'm excited for....

- Kaitlyn & Sienna’s “May Flower” birthday party

- Erik’s Rodeo

- weekends on the lake

- our trip to Savannah, GA for our anniversary

- seeing Tosh.O live!!


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