Saturday, March 24, 2012


Time to let it all out:

1. I've been wanting to do another confessions post for too long now.

2. I'm at my wit's end with Miss Kaitlyn Della.  She has started getting in trouble at school and that is completely unacceptable.  Yesterday, I got the 2nd phone call in 20 days about her getting in trouble - and I'm talking she had to get a spanking both times!

3. I can't remember the last time I slept in my bed.  Insomnia sucks and so does having a cold-natured husband who likes to make our house feel like hell at night!

4. I have once again went overboard on the birthday party planning/decorating for the girls.

5. I need a break from K & S.  Desperately.

6. Pinterest should be illegal.  I spend waaaay too much time pinning stuff.

7. I'm bummed that more people haven't shown interest in supporting Erik's Rodeo.

8. I'm far too concerned with what people think of me.  I'd love to be that 22 year old who didn't give a shit again...

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