Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I seriously need to be a better blogger!

Ugh, I just can't seem to find my groove.  The holidays are here in full force and I'm honestly just trying to survive.

I miss Erik as usual.
This time of the year is just another reminder of everything I'm missing out on with him.

And we're broke.

It's pretty hard to get into the Christmas spirit.

I hope that 2013 is a better blogging year for me, but until then, I'll still be doing random posts with too many pictures.

I hope y'all stay with me!


Jenn said...

It's totally understandable! I go through times where I blog a lot then I go through funks & can't find my groove. Add in the holidays and well yeah, it's a hard time of year. (((hugs)))

Jamie said...

holidays, yeah. Not really the most wonderful time of the year.