Monday, November 19, 2012

Family Pictures

My little family along with my brother and two sisters had family pictures made a couple of weekends ago.  I knew that they were going to be good, but I had no idea how wonderful they would be!!!

I got our cd back today and I haven't stopped smiling since!  If you're in my area, you should definitely check out Anna Pursley Photography.  She's in Abbeville and does an AMAZING job!!!


Will, Alyssa, Jake, Kaitlyn, Chase, Chandler and Sienna
My sweet boy will always be missing :(

Taking us for a ride on that Big Green Tractor!!!

My sweet little family
(BTW - I hate my freaking hair!! This growing it out process is killing me!!!!!)

Yep, I'm in trouble when they're older!

All of us - minus my sister Jennifer and her hubby, Phil

We had to do a jumping picture!!!
Gotta love my brother turning my sister in law into a cheerleader!  LMAO

I am so thankful that Anna was able to capture such precious memories of my family.  I can't wait to get these printed out and onto my walls!!!


Kelly L Boots said...

I love the pictures! They turned out so nice!

Ashley said...

OMG those are awesome! The one where you all are jumping is great. The picture of your 2 girls in the orange-ish outfits is ADORABLE! I love family pictures - just for the memories - but hate how it is not my complete family, I'm sure you understand my feeling.

Trennia Hedges said...

Beautiful photo's love them all! Hope your family has a blessed Thanksgiving.

Tesha said...

LLOVVVVE them!:)!