Friday, September 14, 2012

Things that annoy me Friday!

Yep, it's another awesome blog title that I've spotted floating around the blogging world.  Have I mentioned that I read a lot few blogs?!

Anyway - I've realized that I rarely post anything on Friday's, so I'm going to turn Friday into my day to complaint about all the things that annoy me.  Hopefully I'll be able to keep up with it and maybe, just maybe, you'll be able to relate!

The things that are annoying me today are:

- People who stare at me because I'm tall.  I realize I'm abnormal.  I realize I tower over just about everyone I know.  I realize I probably shouldn't put on 3 inch heels.  But damn it, I'm going to because I can.  I don't need you gawking at me.  I don't stare at you because you're short!

- Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.  This one explains itself.

- Not being able to get through on the radio station to win concert tickets when I REALLY want to.  I guess everyone else really wants to win too because I have no probably winning Colt Ford tickets.  Seriously?!

- having a million and three pens and not being satisfied with how any of them write.  This should probably be number 1 considering how anal I am about my handwriting.

- getting the urge to clean my house from top to bottom and actually doing it only for it to be destroyed in less than five seconds because my husband and children refuse to offer any sort of help in keeping it clean.

- my hair.  OMG I will never go this short again.  Trying to grow this mushroom out just might be the death of me.

What's annoying you today?!


Trennia said...

I agree with Honey Boo Boo...I watched not even 10 mintues and it drove me crazy!
I think you are beautiful no matter your tallness or shortness, thin/fat, short or long hair, black,white etc...God made you so You are beautiful!

Catherine W said...

I love it. I am also tall and people feel the need to point it out to me AND to query why I would I wear heels to make myself taller?! Why?