Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sometimes and Always

Linking up with Megan again this week for...

Sometimes: I wish life was more simple.
Always: I'd have no need for a therapist and depression/anxiety meds if it were simple.

Sometimes: I miss having help at night since Kyle got his new job.
Always: I'm grateful that we're back to being a 2 income household.

Sometimes: I let stuff bother me way to much.
Always: I get over it.

Sometimes: I get home at night and can't remember what I done throughout the day.
Always: It happens more and more during this time of the year.

**Sorry for this version sucking it up big time.  I'm in a blah mood and was struggling to come up with these 4. Hopefully next week will be better :)


brigette said...

I like your sometimes always! Ifeel like I learn alot about your cute family :)

Ashley said...

This is a busy time of the year - I am always forgetting what I do everyday. Plus with Erik's birthday I am sure that has your mind off in many directions.

Allie said...

Oh mama! I saw it was Erik's birthday on a few weeks back! I am so sorry, my heart is always with you, as is his! You know that sweet boy is shining down on you every second of every day! You are such a strong mama!!! xoxo