Monday, February 6, 2012

Confessions... Take 3

~ people in general have no idea how to handle a grieving mother

~ I'm planning something big and I'm praying that God can help me work it out!!

~ I feel completely useless on Monday's.  I have no motivation to do anything and when the motivation comes, the day is over.

~ I'm thinking of deactivating my Facebook for a while.  too.much.drama.

~ My father is scheduled to have surgery tomorrow.  I will not be there.  Intentionally.

~ I wish that Kyle had always been the husband he is today.  It's amazing what alcohol can do to a person.

~ I'm about to die to tell Kyle what I got him for Valentine's Day/Anniversary, but I know I need to wait!

~ it feels sooooo very good to put a pair of pants on and HAVE to wear a belt to keep them from falling off!!

~ I love my therapist and I really wish I would've accepted the idea of therapy a LOT sooner

~ I miss my friends.

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