Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Update in Pictures

Whew - what a busy month and it's only the 10th day!!!!! I've been going like crazy since May started and there are no plans of slowing down anytime soon. I don't feel like writing a big long blog about what I've been doing, so I'll tell you in pictures. Enjoy!

Kaitlyn and Sienna turned 3 - yes 3!!!!- on May 1st. This is the invitation for their birthday. I got the idea online and ran with it. It was A LOT of work, but I love how they turned out!

Here they are ready for church in their birthday shirts. They were SO excited to finally be 3!

Before their birthday party on Saturday, they had a t-ball game. They are no where near as interested in playing ball as their brother was, but I still love them being out there playing on a team that's named after him.

This is at their birthday party. I just love their outfits and am so glad I splurged and had them made!

This is the their cake. My sister in law's Mom makes cakes and she's made all of my kids birthday cakes. She does an awesome job! Not only is the cake amazing, it tastes amazing too!

They opened presents for what seemed like days. They got so much stuff!

We love being outside, so there was no better way to spend Mother's Day than soaking up the sun!

Gotta love her style!

So grown up to only be 3!

I love it!

Like I said, it's only the 10th of May and I don't see us slowing down any time soon. I love staying busy and watching my girls discover new things!!! Happy May y'all!


Mary said...

Great pictures! Looks like your girls had a great birthday. Thank you for sharing!

Kelly L Boots said...

Your girls are adorable! What a cute Party theme! My younger daughter will turn 3 on June 1st, it really does go by fast!