Monday, May 2, 2011

Another New Month

I'm having a really hard time wrapping my head around the fact that we're almost half - way through 2011. Did we not just ring in the new year? Yesterday was the first day of May. The first day of the month has been very special to me since 2004. You see on the first of September, my sweet Erik was born. Fast forward to 2008 and on the first day of May, my sweet girls were born. I don't know how I managed to birth 3 children on the first day of the month.

Yesterday we celebrated 3 years with Kaitlyn & Sienna. They have been looking forward to turning 3 for a very long time, so I knew I had to make yesterday fun and special. While I was tucking the girls into bed on Saturday night, I told them that if they didn't go to bed like almost 3 year old's that I would gladly return their gifts and they wouldn't have a birthday. Mean, I know, but it worked. We didn't hear a word out of them and there was no fussing about going to sleep. It was lovely to say the least! They woke up yesterday morning and I heard a whisper "let's go find our present!" Being that I was still half asleep, I mumbled something along the lines of "what are y'all doing - come back in our room!" They huffed, but made their way back into our bedroom. They crawled into bed with us and I sang Happy Birthday to them. The biggest and brightest smiles were on their faces and it melted my heart. No sooner than I finished singing, Kaitlyn looked at me and said "I gotta blow my candles out Mama". It then hit me! Oops! I forgot that they would want cake today! Actually, I didn't forget. I just told myself that they would have plenty at their party and I didn't need to get them a cupcake or anything. I should've known that Kaitlyn would wanna get technical and blow out a candle on her actual birthday. No worries though because that tid bit of information is on stand-by for next year! Anyway - after they opened their presents from Kyle and I, we started getting ready for church. They were so excited to finally wear the shirts I got them that said "Happy Birthday to me". They looked adorable too! We went to church and then they decided where they wanted to eat. After lunch, we headed home to change into our bathing suits and we spent the rest of the afternoon outside playing. The girls had a great time just spending time at home and doing whatever they wanted to do.

I can't wait to see their excitement when it's time for their party! Happy 3rd Birthday baby girls! I love both of you to the moon & back!

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