Thursday, March 31, 2011

I am So Excited!!!

A month or so ago, I handed over a suitcase full of Erik's favorite shirts to a wonderful friend of mine, Sharon, so that a quilt could be made out of them. Today, Sharon, another bereaved mother dropped off the finished quilt. It is absolutely AMAZING!!!! Each piece took me right back to the last time I remember Erik wearing each of the shirts. I have a feeling I'm gonna sleep a little better tonight knowing that I'm curled up in my baby!!!!

Here's a picture of the quilt.

Sharon and I also talked about doing something for the grieving parents in and around our community. We have the Lakelands Chapter of The Compassionate Friends, but we felt like we needed to do more than just sit around and be sad that our children are no longer here on this Earth. We have decided to organize a Scrapbooking Event for any parent who has lost a child. We feel like it would be an awesome thing - not only to bring people together who share something we wish we didn't, but to also make even more memories of our sweet child/ren who left us too soon. I can't wait to start putting this plan into action and I hope it is as amazing as we want it to be!!!


Mary said...

I love that quilt! What a beautiful idea.

MamaTex210 said...

That is so awesome. <3

taraprochaska said...

My cousin is interested in having 2 quilts made for her kids, the clothes belonged to their dad...would your friend be interested?