Wednesday, June 29, 2011


2 weeks ago, I heard on WSSL (our local country station) that they were giving away tickets to have a Meet & Greet with Brantley Gilbert. I waited for the time to call and crossed my fingers that I'd actually get through. I've called this station a million times in hopes of winning something and have never even gotten through. Well, the stars must've been aligned just right because I got through. But that's not all - I was also the correct caller!!! I couldn't believe it! Brantley Gilbert was in town for Willie Nelson's Country Throwdown and was making a stop at the WSSL studios beforehand to do an acoustic concert for 12 people. Kyle and I were so excited to be included in that 12! We got to the studio and waited for BG to get there. He sang 4 songs, signed pictures and took pictures with each person there. BG is so laid back and country! He's from GA so it was nice to meet a "hometown" famous person.

Anyway - here's the 2 of us with BG. We're cracking up laughing because he was standing on his tiptoes to be as tall as I am. Actually he and Kyle both are!

We went and did the meet and greet with BG and then it was time for the Throwdown with Willie. Me, Kyle, Shannon, Jess, Whitney & Mo had a blast. Although I'm pretty sure that Whitney & Mo probably think that I'm a little crazy! What can I say - a little too much to drink and I get a little sideways!! LOL

Here's the group after the concert was over. I sure wish I remembered having this picture taken!!!

Now - onto today. I had heard on the radio that they were doing a contest for Zac Brown Band tickets for this weekend's concert. I decided I would make sure to listen this morning and give it another shot at winning. Once again, I got through and was the correct caller! I was ecstatic. I didn't care what I had to do, I was going to win those ZBB tickets! The name of the game was Brain Freeze. Me and another caller had to go back and forth until one of us couldn't come up with an answer. The topic was "things you find at a baseball game". Since the other caller was a guy, I kinda felt my heart sink because I felt sure he would know more things than me. WRONG!!!! I whooped his tail and won me those 2 tickets to see ZBB!!!!! So, come Sunday afternoon, Kyle and I will be making the drive to Charlotte to enjoy a free concert! I can't wait!!!!

Oh and BTW - I will be playing the lottery tonight. I've never played, but with the luck I've had in the last 2 weeks, I've gotta give it a shot! Who knows, maybe my next blog post will be "I won the Powerball!!!" Pfft - one can dream right?!

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