Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Midweek Confessions

Linking up again with Elizabeth over at E, Myself and I for midweek confessions....

- If I had the opportunity to live at the beach, I'd pack up all my stuff in a heart beat and move!

- I'm a little too excited to be going to see a movie at midnight tomorrow.  Even if Channing Tatum and Matthew McCougnahey (I can NEVER spell his name right!) are gonna be half naked!

- I swear Sienna and Kaitlyn swapped roles the second they turned 4.  Squealing at the top of your lungs, kicking and throwing things are NOT the way to get what you want Miss Sienna.  I had a massive headache before I even got home yesterday.  I was done with both of the girls before 8 p.m.

- I love having my own money, but after spending 10 days with my girls, I sure do wish I was a SAHM again (even after days like yesterday)

- Kyle is trying to find another different job with benefits.  I'm a nervous wreck about it.  Again.

- It's supposed to be close to 105* on Friday.  I'm a little bummed that we don't have access to a pool.  I'm not a fan of being held hostage in my house because of the heat and/or cold.

- I won more tickets on WSSL on Monday.  I'll be going to see Brad Paisley and The Band Perry in September :)

- I can't believe that June is almost over.  The year is past halfway over.  Unbelievable.  Even harder to believe that my sweet boy should be turning 8 in two months. :(

- I really want to plan something big for his birthday, but I'm terrified that nobody really cares anymore and therefore, it'd be a big bust and nobody would show up.  The fact that his birthday falls during Labor Day weekend has something to do with that too.  I feel like people aren't going to fore-go their last hoorah before summer is over for my dead child.

- The blood drive for Jake is this weekend.  I'm excited about it and somewhat ashamed that this will be the first time I've given blood since I was a senior in high school.  1998 for those who are wondering.  Bad Ashley!!!!

- This is waaay too many confessions for one post!! LOL


Tracie said...

No one should feel like the are grieving alone, have a special cake for him and invite people you might be suprised.....and if not just know that someone in Utah will be thing of him over Labor day and will be baking a cake here.

Stephanie Jones said...

Cool post. Sorry about your son but I think that if you throw a small house gathering that more people then you think would come! Good friends are with you regardless of how "old" the topic of convo is. If its still present in your heart (i know he is) than a good friend will understand that and be there for you.