Friday, June 15, 2012

Happy Birthday, Jeremy!

or Buck as most people know him!!

Today, my baby brother is 29 years old.  Geez, I'm getting old!!!!

Seems like we were these little kids not so long ago...

And now he's married to the love of his life...
Had to snag a recent pic from April's facebook 
He's got more nieces and nephews than I can keep up with, but I know these 5 right here love their Uncle Buck
Easter, 2012

And we, as his sisters, are so very proud of the man he has become.
Siblings (and proof that I need to update pictures of us more often!)
I know that my sister in law is going to spoil him rotten as she always does, but I really hope this is his best birthday yet.  No doubt about it, there will be a B-I-G party next year!!!!! 

Happy Birthday Buck!
Me and the girls love you!!


April Clamp said...

He loves y'all too! Love the pics of him and the girls!

And of course- I spoiled him! ;)

Ashley said...

So glad that you have a wonderful relationship with your brother. Hope he had a wonderful birthday!

TerinAleah said...

Happy Birthday!!!